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Whatever the findings may be, a single way of considering about Weblog del Narco is that it became each a receptacle for exclusive news akin to Wikileaks and a news aggregator akin to Huffington Post. These two roles could explain element of the good results of the site as the go-to destination for information and facts about the Mexican drug war. Blog del Narco immediately acquired a reputation for offering exclusive content, most notably gruesome execution videos. As these videos went viral, the site’s recognition skyrocketed.

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It is an pretty much unimaginably high count, created even a lot more potent by Mexico’s cultural, economic and physical proximity to the United States. Lucy added that she will publish a book with a behind the scenes look at the blog's operation and the most gruesome violence of the drug wars in 2010. According to Carroll, the book will offer a single of the most brutal and explicit perspectives on the drug war. In accordance to testimonials, El weblog del narco is one particular of the most terrifying videos of the narco. In the clip, some people are seen reducing off every feet of a man.

To deal with the improved workload, he asked a friend, also anonymous, to help him. They decided to broadcast their content devoid of alteration or modifications of convenience—and enable Mexicans take all required precautions to safeguard their personal effectively-being. They chose YouTube to upload videos to the internet and comment as @narcoblogger on Twitter. Through the early days of Blog del Narco, the common population of Mexico submitted only a modest quantity of reports to them, but as the web page built trust with time, more reports had been submitted. The creators and current editors of the blog "have not received any threats however."